Humpty Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is a highly popular children’s nursery rhyme. It is a short rhyme that is easy for young children to memorize and say. It is also easy for them to visualize Humpty Dumpty on a wall and falling. They can also picture the Kings horses and Kings men coming to try to help poor Humpty. Another reason why children may like it is because they can relate to Humpty who gets hurt and needs help. Children of course, are always falling and sometimes need help. Also, their toys may break and they might need their mom or dad to come and fix it.

Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty


There are many different questions you can ask your child about Humpty Dumpty. First ask the question. Then help your child say the target answer. Afterwards, you should follow it up with an additional response to their answer. Remember, your child might not be able to answer the questions completely so it is important to help them. They will learn from listening to you and repeating what you say. Eventually they should be able to answer on their own.


  1. What is Humpty Dumpty? He is an Egg. Yes, he is an egg. 
  2. What was Humpty sitting on? On a wall. Yes, he was sitting on a wall.
  3. What happened to Humpty? He fell. That’s right Humpty fell off the wall.
  4. Was Humpty ok? No he wasn’t. Yeah, that’s right. Humpty was hurt and broken.
  5. Who came to help Humpty? The Kings horses and men. Very good All the Kings men and horses came to help Humpty Dumpty.
  6. Could they fix him? No they couldn’t. I know, they couldn’t fix him. That’s too bad.
  7. Do you ever fall down? Yes I do. Yeah you fall down sometimes.
  8. Do you ever get hurt? Yes I get hurt. Yes, you do get hurt sometimes.
  9. Who helps you when you get hurt? Mom and Dad. Very good, mom and dad will always come to try to make you feel better.
  10. Did you like Humpty Dumpty? Yes I did. So did I. Let’s practice it some more.

Patience and Fun

Again, as I always mention in my lessons. Be patient and have fun. This is very important. Allow your child to make mistakes and correct them in a natural manner. Studying English together should be fun for both you and your child. It will reinforce good learning habits and show them that English is something they can learn together. Learning a language is a lifelong journey, but this should help them get familiar with English vocabulary and sentence patterns.

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