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Daily English Expressions: Need A Hand

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Daily English Expressions: Need A Hand

Welcome to another Daily English Expression lesson. Today’s lesson is on a very helpful expression, “Need a hand”. If you use this expression a lot it means that you are a really kind and nice person. It is a very common expression, one that you might have heard or used before.

Need a Hand: Usage and Meaning

Well, you might have been able to guess the meaning of this expression already. But if you haven’t, let me tell you. This expression is used when you want to offer help to someone. You would offer by saying: “Do you need a hand?” (more formal) or simply “Need a hand?” (informal).

There is a variation of this expression that you would use when you need some help. The expression changes to “Give me a hand.” or “Can you give me a hand?”. Hopefully the person you are asking will be able to help you.

Need a hand


In our first example, an old lady (person B) is carrying some heavy grocery bags. Notice how we use the more formal expression.

A: Those look a little heavy.

B: Yes, they are a little heavy for me.

A: Can I give you a hand.

B: That would be so sweet of you. Thank you.

For our second example, my wife is cooking dinner (Person B)

A: Smells good, what are you making?

B: I’m making some chicken curry for dinner.

A: That’s great. Need a hand?

B: Sure, can you cut these onions for me?

A: Of course, anything for you my dear!

In our last example, I’m (Person B) filling out some paper work and need my wallet.

A: What are you doing?

B: I’m filling out this paper for my a new credit card.

A: Looks like a lot of work.

B: It is. Can you give me a hand and bring me my wallet?

A: No, sorry I’m busy.

B: What?

A: Just kidding, I’ll go get it.

B: Thanks.

Need a Hand: Wrap Up

Thank you so much for taking this English expression lesson. I hope that you can now use it in your English conversations. I love this expression, because I like to help people.

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